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Gianni Salvini

Dr. Gianni Salvini

Born in Siena, 13/01/1965

Doctor in Dental Science cum laude, Universià degli studi di Siena, in 1989.

Internship at the Dentistry clinic of the University of Siena, he attends regurarly courses and congresses, both in Italy and abroad. Some of the italian lecturers are: Riccardo Garberoglio, Stefano Gracis, Federico Gualini, Sandro Palla, Giovanni Zucchelli, Adamo Monari, Marco Veneziani. International speakers frequented: John Kois. Frank Spear, Karl Koerner, Stanley Malamed, Jan H. Pameijer, Samuel Low, Pascal Magne,

Owner of a private practice in Siena since 1990, commits special attention to periodontics, esthetic and restorative dentistry, and implantology.

He lectures about restorative dentistry.

Fellow of the Italian Academy of Operative and Restorative Dentistry (AIC), of the Italian Academy of Prosthodontics (AIOP), of the European European Association for Osteointegration.

Dr. Simone Lorenzoni

Born in Siena in 1964, Doctor in Dental Science cum laude in 1990 with a thesis on orthodontic cephalometry.

From the beginning he focuses his attention on orthodontics attending the homonym department of the University of Siena and working as an health professional.

His study and research interests are mainly in the field of the relationships between facial growth, teeth development and respiration, the two-dimensional orthodontic technique according to Gianelly and the Boston University, the cephalometry and the measurement and classification systems according to the seriousness of the malocclusions.

He specialized in "Use of indices of gravity of malocclusions" at the Cardiff University (GB).

He teaches as a professor of orthodontics course in Dentistry and the School of Specialization in Orthodontics at the University of Siena. He is author of publications and speaker at conferences.

He is a member of the Italian Society of Two-Dimensional Technique (SITEBI) and of the Italian Association of Specialists in Orthodontics (ASIO).

Simone Lorenzoni

Dr.ssa Ilenia Bartaloni

Born in Empoli (FI), 11/03/1986. Doctor in Dental Hygiene (Enabling to the Health profession of Dental Hygienist) on 24 November 2008 (Degree class in technical health professions - SNT / 3) with the vote of one hundred and ten on a maximum vote of hundred and ten cum laude, therefore obtaining the title of Doctor and passing the final exam with the following script: "Dental Erosions: a magnifying glass on anorexic and bulimic subjects".

She certifies the attribution of the VAT number the 12 April 2010 in the category "other independent paramedical activities NCA" as a self-employed worker subject. Active Member since 2010 of the Continuing Education Program "Hygienist Club" based in Sesto Fiorentino which annually carries out 10/12 meetings for scientific updating of the ECM.

The 1 August 2016 begin a medical-health volunteering experience for a period of 15 days, at the Wamba Hospital in Kenya with an association of volunteer doctors (APA). She obtains the qualification of the External Semiautomatic Defibrillator with the Course "BLS-D / PBLS-D for lay staff", organized by the Regional Federation of Mercies of Tuscany, the 8 November 2018 in Montaione (FI).

Registered regularly in the Register of Dental Hygienists in this Order on 15 January 2019.

Ilenia Bartaloni
Monica Fantoni

Monica Fantoni

Assistant to the chair.

"Thanks to the variety of treatments that the studio offers, I have gained experience in all areas of dentistry: from prosthetics to periodontology, implantology, oral surgery.

Work is very stimulating and never boring!

Besides, I like to take care of people and make them feel at ease."

Antonella Fantoni

Management and secretary

My job is to organize at best our dental practice.

With adequate programming, the quality of the service is optimized and waiting times are reduced.

I like working in a team and, thanks to my experience, I always find more satisfaction in carrying out my profession".

Antonella Fantoni
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